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Dr. Vivekananda, an orthopaedic specialist in Hyderabad underwent his training in knee surgeries at Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland where he was able to perfect his skills in Knee Arthroscopy and Knee Replacement Surgeries. Dr. Vivekananda is an exceptional Bone Specialist in Hyderabad, renowned for his keen focus on Joint Pain Management and Bone Injury. His expertise goes beyond that, as he is a distinguished trauma surgeon, drawing from his extensive experience at prominent medical centers like Osmania General Hospital and Nizamabad Government Hospital. His proficiency in Orthopedic surgeries is unparalleled, allowing him to formulate optimal treatment strategies and approaches for his patients. With a compassionate approach, he ensures that each patient receives the utmost care, offering flexible appointment options.

Recognised as one of the foremost Orthopaedic Doctors in Hyderabad, Dr. Vivekananda offers unparalleled care that embodies both personalisation and ethical considerations, under the banner of Next Gen Medicare. Central to his practice is a commitment to delivering efficient, timely, and patient-centric healthcare. This commitment is upheld through adherence to the highest medical standards, all within a sanitised, hygienic, and revitalising environment.

Dr. Vivekananda’s specialisation encompasses a spectrum of orthopaedic issues, including knee and hip complications, as well as joint pains. Particularly renowned for his excellence in treating severe knee joint problems, he stands as a leading figure in this field across India and specifically in Hyderabad, Telangana. His proficiency as a joint replacement surgeon has garnered him widespread recognition, making him the go-to Knee Specialist in Hyderabad and the Best Knee Doctor in Hyderabad. Additionally, his reputation extends to being an exceptional Hip Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad, solidifying his position as a true luminary in the realm of orthopaedic care and surgery.

Medical Education

HRC HospitalHead of Department

Consultant Knee & Hip Replacement and Trauma Surgeon.

Zoi HospitalsMedical Consultant

Consultant Knee & Hip Replacement and Trauma Surgeon.

PACE HospitalsMedical Consultant

Consultant Knee & Hip Replacement and Trauma Surgeon.

NHS TaysideClinical Observer

Assisted in simple and complex knee and hip replacement surgeries. Also provided assistance in performing revision surgeries for Prosthetic Joint Infections and Periprosthetic fractures.

Bhaskar Medical CollegeAssistant Professor (Senior resident)

Performed several trauma surgeries and knee Arthroplasty surgeries. Gained perfection in managing complex fractures and complications such as malunion, non-union, and osteomyelitis.

Star HospitalsFellow in Joint Replacements

Gained competency in performing knee and hip replacement surgeries independently by using international standards and protocols.

Government Medical CollegeSenior Resident

Managed complex and complicated upper and lower limb trauma cases.

Doctor's Experience


  • Dr. Vivekananda is presently practising as the Head of Department and Consultant Knee & Hip Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgeon at HRC Hospital, Begumpet, and CORE Orthopaedic and ENT Clinic, Rajeev Nagar.


  • Nizamabad Govt. Medical College
  • Core Orthopaedic & ENT Clinic
  • Life Line Hospital
  • Star Hospitals
  • Bhaskar Medical College
  • NHS Tayside
  • PACE Hospitals
  • ZOI Hospitals
  • HRC Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which locations Dr. B. Vivekananda is going to be available in?

    Dr Vivekananda is available in Begumpet and Rajeev Nagar

  • Success rate of Dr. Vivek?

    Dr Vivekananda is one of the top bone specialists in Hyderabad and has highly satisfied patients with a success rate of 100%.

  • Why choose Dr. B. Vivekananda for Orthopedic Surgery?

    Dr Vivekananda is one of the best knee doctors in Hyderabad as well as one of the best hip replacement surgeons in Hyderabad.

  • Do all orthopaedic doctors perform surgeries?

    No. However, Dr Vivekananda is one of the best bone specialists in Hyderabad who performs surgery as well.

  • What makes Dr. Vivekananda the best orthopaedic specialist in Hyderabad?

    A high success rate, client satisfaction and the best training from experts across the globe makes Dr Vivekananda the best orthopaedic specialist in Hyderabad.